Who We Recruit

Who We Recruit

Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care is defined as the range of services put in place to support an individual in their own home.

Services which are provided by our carers involves routine household tasks within or outside the home, personal care of the service user and other associated domestic services necessary to maintain an individual in an acceptable level of health, hygiene, dignity, safety and ease in their home. All our caring staff are managed by our team of clinical care nurses who will work with you to create a unique care plan.

Our fully trained carers can provide medical support including: 

Who We Recruit

Support Workers

Support workers help and motivate vulnerable adults and children with mental illnesses and complicated care needs to lead as independent a life as feasible. Support Workers have the power to significantly enhance lives by providing people with both practical and emotional support, which makes this a tremendously gratifying profession.

At Golden Careers Care Ltd, we recruit support workers who can effectively communicate with others, build and maintain strong, trusting relationships. Since the role of support workers is all about ensuring the emotional wellbeing of your service users, we recruit support workers who are friendly, attentive, and understanding towards service users, to ensure they are they are always comfortable.

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